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Name:Leon Ryan


100A Young Street

Frankston VIC 3199

Date:September 24, 2023
Quote #:4218
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Custom Design Product 1 USD 320 USD 320
Custom Design Product 1 USD 784 USD 784
Shipping - Flat Rate 1 USD 185 USD 185
Total : USD 1289

Customer Note:

This quote / Invoice includes the following:

  1. Custom Cabinet designed to suit
  • 43″ main viewing monitor
  • Flat (or only slight angle) oversize control Panel for 4 players and trackball hole (3″?)
  • Screen on not too much of an angle so it’s good for light gun games. Simillar to the angle of Xtreme cabinets Boss arcade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bw5_V8rR2RQ
  • Marquee that fits a 28″ Pixelcade led marquee.
  • Space in the cabinet for a PC and fans etc.
  • 28″ marquee monitor size:

Outline Size 732× 165×20.2 (H×V×D)mm

Display Area 699.64×121.104 (H×V)mm

2.    The cabinet plans described above will be tested, cut and shipped to the address provided above.  T Moulding slots are included.


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