Frequently asked Questions

We only use high quality MDF board.

No, at this stage we only do bare MDF, no coatings.

Yes, although in some cases there may be a small additional charge.

Yes we can. There is a minimum design change cost of $100, depending how involved the changes are.

Yes we can. New designs start from $250 depending on complexity. This cost does not include the flat pack, only the design.

Yes of course. We can sell you just the design, and you can cut the panels yourself. Minimum custom design cost is $250. In this case you will receive DXF files for cutting on a CNC machine, and PDF files with measurements in case you’d like to cut the panels out manually.

Although sizes come in 16mm and 18mm, we rcommend you get the 18mm and trim off excess with a utility knife to ensure you get a better coverage right to the edges.

Usually your order will be ready between 2-3 weeks from the order date, depending on our work load. Then allow usually 3-5 days until it reaches you, depending on your location ofcourse.

Unfortunately we don’t accept returns. Once you have paid for your order, you have 12 hours from the time of purchase to cancel your order. If you cancel before we have sent them order out to you, but after the 12 hour period, there is a cancellation fee of $37.50

If your order is damaged in anyway, you need to tell us within 24 hrs of receiving it, accompanied by a description of the damage, followed by pictures so we can see where the damage is. We will then replace the damaged panel if we think the damage will show up when the cabinet is completed, or the damage is extensive. If you don’t notify us within 24 hours of receiving the order, we will be unable to to replace the damaged panels free of charge.

Sometimes little hickups do occur. If there is a slight groove made by mistake on a the inside of a panel that will not be visible when the cabinet is completed, and it won’t compromise the strength of the panel in any way, we will fill that gap with wood filler, sand it and use that panel as part of your order. Only if this does not affect any of the points mentioned above.

Talk to us first before placing the order, and we will let you know if we can fulfill your order with the time frame you request.

We don’t supply any hardware with our flat packs. You will receive only the MDF panels. You will need to shop for your own hinges, screws (if needed or desired), glue, T moulding, artwork and all electronics. If you ask us, we can recommend to you a couple online stores if you don’t know where to go.


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