Customer Details:
Name:David Garabito

Unit 10
59-67 Second Ave

Date:January 2, 2023
Quote #:4174
Product Description Qty Price Total
Pandora's Box 27" Bartop Arcade Machine flat pack 1 USD 310 USD 310
Custom Design Product 1 USD 50 USD 50
Shipping - Flat Rate 1 USD 90 USD 90
Total : USD 450

Customer Note:

This quote includes the PB 27″ Arcade BartopFlatpack.  Also included is T Moulding slots and shipping to your address as above.  Note T Moulding slots option does not include the T Moulding, it is just the slots cut on the side panels and control panel to enable you to install T Moulding.
*Custom Design Product = Artwork files.  Artwork files are for the Upright design as per customer.

  • Shipping is only charged at $90 instead of $95, and I have not included T moulding slot price of $35.  This makes up the $40 discount as agreed.


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